Dance 11/17/17


As you know, we are hosting a dance on 11/17 to help raise funds for uniforms. I am going to make the theme of the dance school spirit oriented, and encourage kids to wear Comet shirts or red, white, gray. The dance will be from 3-5 for 3rd-5th grade. Tell your girls to encourage all their friends to come! We need this to be a success!!!

Each parent will need to donate $5 for a pizza. Then we will split into two groups. One group will volunteer their time at the dance itself. The other will donate chips and 2 liters of soda. Hopefully this will work out well. If not I’ll come up with something else. So for now, please text me and let me know if you would like to work at the dance or donate extra.

As I mentioned in the practice post, we will be decorating posters at Monday’s practice. Please let me know if your daughter can bring some art supplies to practice on Monday so I will know what (or if) I need to buy anything. Thank you guys SO MUCH!

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